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Sega Pico Music - Minigame 4 (MiniMoni. Eigo de Asobundapyon... 1    0

Sometimes I wonder why I still rip these when I can get more hits from reupping something from Niconico... but aw, well. Archivists gonna archive.

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Sega Pico Music - Page 3 (Ganbare! Bokura no Compati Heroes) 1    0

While I can't emulate this, I figured out the page using the old NiconicoDouga video upload! I knew that would come in handy!

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カービィのおもちゃ箱 パチンコ from (S... 1    0

This is a video of the undumped Satellaview game "Kirby no Omachabako - Pachinko" which was linked at the SFC Mania blog;

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Dezaemon SFC Save - Touhou (incomplete?) 1    0

I've been attempting to collect and archive saves for the various "Toolkits" released for the Super Famicom, such as Dezaemon and RPG Tsukuru SUPER DANTE. I'll recor...

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BS Zelda Music remastered by FireBrandX (Satellaview) 1    0

My desktop hasn't been working for a while, so I haven't been able to upload much. Here's a bit of something as an apology; FireBrandX, over at the BS Zelda forums, did these "rema...

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[スーパーファミコン] Satellawave サテラビュー... 1    0

Well, not exactly "fixed"... it's more like I uploaded the wrong version to YouTube. Oops. (The Niconico upload is fine.) A video I recorded with the intent to upl...

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sm481030 - 「ハドソンキャラバン10年史」| Hudson... 1    0

A video which was originally uploaded to NiconicoDouga, but I can't access now. Once again I'm hoping to bring something back here. This is the video that has the footage of the infamous gaming hol...

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sm7936075 - セガのPICOで怪盗セイント・テール |... 1    0

Original NND URL: Mirroring a NND vid to a Youtube upload here to have more Japanese Pico game vids under one roof - also because I'm having a lazy day and ...

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BS Fire Emblem BGM Samples 1    0

This is alleged to be (and likely is) BGM arrange music played on the broadcasts of "BS Fire Emblem". It was originally uploaded on NiconicoDouga, but it seems the...

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[PICO] ドラえもん のびたとまいごのきょうり�... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! Decided to take the Christmas break time tor re-record some of the games already up on Niconico for the sake of having clean emulated recordin...

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NND Videos Combined - ノリマロはこうして生まれ�... 1    0

Original NND URLs: Video series...

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