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IGP JUSTAMIN — Just a minute here.... 0    0

Although I DID call the FISA Court "corrupt" a few months ago in a prior video, it was a "gut feeling". Now I always knew what this ...

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IGP MYRAH — Fur Babies crash in HoJo 0    0

We were evicted, but the grace of God through his angels on earth got us through this far. See the videos Toni, Dave, &amp...

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IGP BSACHA11 — Boy Scouts file Ch 11 Bankruptcy 0    0

A great American institution destroyed by DemonRats Liberal Socialist agenda. See William Mount ✨CPS Abuse video playlist✨

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IGP RGUPC8— Rudy Giuliani Podcast Part 8 0    0

Playlist {podcast & related videos}: Part 1 & Part 2: Part 3:...

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We got evicted this morning. I'm out of this corrupt state. They take your money & throw you out. Please call me 718 440 1080 but do not send anything to my old address. ⚡SUBSCRI...

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IGP 046 — Libya Spoils of War — Missiles 0    0

Nobody ever mentioned the missiles and the launch codes. Schiff is up to his eyeballs. Video used here Also see Dan Bongino

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IGP OURCAMPR — My good friend Mike The Camper & Jovi 0    0

MY good friend Mike gifted us his '88 Camper. We may have to bug-out; now we at least have a roof. Kudos to you Mike, and to everyone who has helped us through this nightmare.

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IGP LTDSTG6 — Libtardosis Stage 6 0    0

Viewer / Subscriber comment on Net4TruthUSA2 Patriot Channel Has no trust in the plan.... Wonders why no hi-level arrests. I hope I straightened it out 4 him.

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IGP RGUPC7— Rudy Giuliani Podcast Part 7 Steve Bannon Inte... 0    0

Playlist {podcast & related videos}: Part 1 & Part 2: Part 3:...

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IGP DSVIRUS - Deep State is source of Pandemics 0    0

Irrefutable proof that Global Pandemics are the tool of choice to control the masses. #PureEvil Video used here Subscribe to Helen of Destroy

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IGP 045 — The Road to Gitmo - Barry and Ukraine Massacre 0    0

Just when you thought.... well, think again! You may be tempted to go duck-hunting after you see this. Video used here: Subscribe to Annette Cividan...

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IGP WEFOUGHT — My father & I fought for this country 0    0

If you Libtard traitors think you're going to continue your treason, and bleeding this country dry, and trampling on our God-given rights, you're looking at that long Geosmin-filled respite before you...

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IGP 350MQUAR — 350 Million quarantined in China 0    0

Corona Virus is a bio-weapon patented by Bill Gates. Trump set to win 2020 in a landslide. All attempts to take him out have failed. If global economy can be sabotaged, they can blame it on Trump, and...

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IGP NOCOVRUP — No Cover up of Biden Corruption 0    0

Ukraine files charges against Creepy-Feely Uncle Joe. There is no escape. Article used here: Rudy G...

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