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IGP3 00079 — More than 100 Hard Drives of US Pols 0    0

And you wonder why they want Trump out? BOMBSHELLS Biden

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IGP3 00078 — DemonRats Party of Violent Child S3xAbus3 0    0

Mistranslation of Chinese whistleblower interview, TWO Biden Laptops (not one), and THREE hard drives full of corruption, and filthy, despicable, violent abuse of Chinese children. See: https://yo...

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IGP3 00077 — Commie-Fornia Arms Up 0    0

California gun sales skyrocket. Citizens arming up to take out Rioters and paid mercenaries of Deep-State. *** #CLASS_ACTION Vs Big Tech *** See video:

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IGP3 00076 — Bidens S3X TORTURE of little girls CONFIRMED 0    0

Hunter Biden Chinese torture video CONFIRMED. Patriots have it ALL. United States sold to CCP.... CONFIRMED.

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IGP3 00074 — Hunt3r is Hunt3d P33tza Gat3 II 0    0

The crescendo of Criminality is rising to levels Heretofore unseen in human history. EMPIRICAL FACT. PROVEN. UNDENIABLE. Almost the entire US Government is compromised, or involved in covering this sh...

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IGP3 00073 — A Cho-Mo Wannabe and a Crackhead Bring Down t... 0    0

Who would have thought that a few tweets of a schlong and a few too many hits on a crack pipe, would bring down the biggest criminal Cabal in human history? The combined EMPIRICAL evidence of these...

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IGP3 00071 — 42USC §230 Must Be Repealed 0    0

If freedom of speech is not restored, the only option we have is to fall on the Second Amendment. They'll sit up and notice THEN, won't they? *** #CLASS_ACTION Vs Big Tech *** See video: https:...

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IGP3 00070 — Techno-Nazis going Full Monte Pravda 0    0

47 U.S.C. §230 is about to be repealed according to a tweet by POTUS. This is the Death Knell for the Techno-Nazis, because once that protection is stripped away, every swingin' dick on God's green E...

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IGP3 00069 Rudy on Cr33py Jo3 U-Crane and Chy-nahh Repost 0    0

This video is re-posted as a Public Service Published on Oct 14, 2020 In this special edition of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani discusses the emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s hard drive which ...

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IGP3 00068 — Osama to Biden to 9-11 to JFK 0    0

Apparently, nobody is approaching the Mega-bomb drop yesterday of the Biden corruption from this angle, so I will. See my video IGP3 00066 See also:

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IGP3 00067 — Treason and Murder OBL and Seal Team Six 0    0

Mega-Nuke drop will eventually see a former {fake} US President, Vice-President, and Secretary of State executed for Treason. See my video IGP3 00066 See videos ...

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IGP3 00066 — I told you about Benghazi November 2016 0    0

In a video dated November 2016, I exposed Benghazi using a ocal newspaper published where I used to live in NJ. It turns out that the Billions in cash set to Iran was payment by Obama for Iran to ...

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IGP3 00065 — GNN The Gitmo News Network 0    0

Gitmo just accepted a bid for a new Studio Broadcast system. Do you think that a NEW Cable Channel is about to be created? Adrenochrome Factories *** #CLASS_ACTION V...

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