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New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins | 2022 NFL Season We... 0    0

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS vs. Miami Dolphins | 2022 NFL Season Week 1 | Predictions Madden NFL 23 SUBSCRIBE & TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS If you liked the video, please leave it to Like &am...

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You Can't Deny Greatness (New England Patriots) 6 Rings 0    0

The greatest franchise in the history of the NFL maybe in the history of sports...I was never a pats fans so i have no bias favoring them but You Can't Deny Greatness! The Greatest QB of all time and ...

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Tom Brady (The Greatest Quarterback in NFL History) NFL Lege... 0    0

Nobody will ever convince me that Dan Marino wasn't the most gifted QB to ever live but Tom Brady is the most accomplished by far...5 rings and took the Patriots to 8 Superbowls and still active that'...

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