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More Japanese Pico ROMs - Daihyakka, Hello Kitty, Shimajiro,... 1    0

Another batch of Pico ROMs that sometimes don't really want to play on Kega Fusion. Tsk. Anyhow, listing. "Soreike! Anpanman: Anpanman to Denwa de Asobou!" - Pico ...

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[PICO] ミッキーと大きな古時計 | 554 Mickey to Oo... 1    0

Back to playing Pico ROMs.. Here's yet another Mickey Mouse Disney game. As usual, Support Team-Europe for more Pico!

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554 Mickey no Boku wa Meitantei 554 for Sega Pico | ミッ... 1    0

More Pico ROM recording, and yet another Mickey Mouse game. There were a lot on this platform!... in Japan. This one has Mickey chasing down Pete to reclaim various stolen items. Mini-games tend to...

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