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Livestream Highlight - 1/30/2016 - Glitches transcend platfo... 0    0

This shows how the endless stairs skip from Super Mario 64 works just as well on the 64DD version, "Super Mario 64 Disk Version". Of course, in retrospect this should...

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Super Mario 64 Part 10!!! Red Coins Hate Me. (Save the annot... 0    0

A video recorded by mariofan110 that he, for some reason, let be publicly annotated. For some reason, parts 9 and 10 of this let's play series are the only ones with annotations like this now, or see...

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Super Mario 64 Part 9. Why Level, Why? (Save the annotations... 0    0

A video recorded by mariofan110 that he, for some reason, allowed publicly annotated. The results, suffice to say, may be considered horrific. URL: You...

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70-Star Example Run for beginners in 54:07 (Save the annotat... 0    0

A video recorded and annotated by Noizeehspeedruns. URL: YouTube is telling me to tell people to join and become a member for reasons, so here's the li...

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kukun kun kut - (Not Quite) BS Super Mario 64 0    0

So, alongside the Ihatovo stuff kukun kun was uploading episodes of Bakushow Mondai no Silicon Chounaikai. In the 6/15/1996 episode, something amusing happens - they play Mario 64. And the accompa...

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kukun kun kut - Satellaview presents early N64 Previews (Sta... 0    0

You may have seen this coming if you followed my Twitter. Remember the Silicon Chounaikai with early Mario 64 screens? This goes a step beyond. Now here's a Game Tora no Chou Ooana with a nice comp...

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kukun kun kut - 554 Super Mario 64 no Honto no Sekai 554 0    0

For segments of "Yuuki Nae no Ge-mu no Tsubo",there is a section called "Game Side Story", where short stories with an accompanying ...

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kukun kun kut - BS Super Mario Collection's 554 Mario Chara... 0    0

At a point in the 2nd episode of BS Super Mario Collection, Yuuki Nae counts down the "Mario Character Best 5". I'm not entirely sure how this best 5 was decided - pr...

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kukun kun kut - Mario 64 Beta at Space World 95 0    0

oohhhh yeah, we got a good one here. kukun kun's latest Game Catalogue 2 episode upload has what seems to be some (new?) early Super Mario 64 footage. Original:

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kukun kun kut - N64 at E3 1996 (Mario 64, Killer Instinct 2,... 0    0

Man, I nearly forgot to upload kukun kun clips. Most recently put up was a Game Catalogue 2 episode featuring a lot of E3 1996 recording. Here's the N64 part. Mario 64 is near final in this, but so...

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kukun kun kut - More Early Mario 64 0    0

kukun kun uploaded some more TV broadcast footage of early Mario 64 as presented in the big gaming events from 1995. ^^ This time the source is two videos; one is from the "Tonight...

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sm4736197 - スーパーマリオワールド ガイドビ�... 0    0

original NND URL: A fairly long video of edited Super Mario World gameplay with occasional Engrish commentary.

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sm8894038 - スーパーマリオ64パーフェクトビデ�... 0    0

Original NND URL: In spite of the title, it's a preview/promotional video with hints and tips, not a video of a perfect run or anything like that. It's a...

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