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IGP JUS4RECD — Just 4 the Record Riots 5-2020 0    0

Just for the record... Months, if not years will pass, and the truth will finally become clear. Future will prove past (once again).

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IGP RGCSEP40 — Rudy Giuliani Common Sense Episode 40 Bengh... 0    0

Rudy speaks with Mark Geist from security team in Benghazi on the day of the attack. Playlist {podcast & related videos}:

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IGP MUNKÉFLU — Monkey Flu — Bullshit Stage II 1    0

Just as the Kung-Flu is totally debunked, there is allegedly a report out of New Delhi, India, that a bunch of monkeys have escaped a lab, and took CV-19 samples as food and are eating the samples. ...

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RGCSEP39 — Rudy Giuliani Podcast 38 Sex Trafficking 0    0

Reposted as a public service Episode 39 Interview with Jaco Booyens. Contact his organization

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IGP LAONFIRE — Los Angeles and Minneapolis on Fire 0    0

The mentality of cockroaches looking for an excuse to loot and destroy property. This is not protesting; this is PIRACY. See:

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IGP HELOGEOR — HELLO GEORGE — Q hints JFK Jr. still with... 0    0

The potential October Surprise that would rock the PLANET. See Freedom Force Battalion Fox News YouTube Lawsuit videos YouTube C...

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IGP TONIGONE — Toni ODs AGAIN — Demons Win the Battle th... 0    0

Toni overdosed AGAIN and I am THROUGH. First OD in Fredericksburg VA Lizzy West on YouTube

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IGP AM-TARDS — Are there REALLY that many retards in Ameri... 0    0

This excellent report from Black Conservative Patriot YT Channel illustrates how the MSM thinks all of us are retards. BCP video used here:

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IGP RGCS37 — Rudy Giuliani - Analysis of response to Kung-... 0    0

Everyone knows by now; this thing is a TOTAL HOAX. What did I tell you MONTHS AGO? Some are still talking like it's a threat — but the common cold is worse. Statistics are being manipulated. Pla...

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IGP RGCS35 — How Italy is recovering from the Kung-Flu hoa... 0    0

Rudy Giuliani discusses Italy's recovery with Italian Member of Parliament Andrea Ruggiero. Playlist {podcast & related videos}:

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IGP HELPKAT — Please help Stoney's wife with funeral expen... 0    0

Please help Stoney Stone's wife get her brother's ashes home. PayPal (use "friends & family"): See the video that shows you:

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IGP NOCOVIDCA — Kung-Flu is NOT Epidemic in CA 0    0

Peggy Hall's Full Video Subscribe to her channel:

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