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kukun kun kut - When Lilly Franky Mario sneaked into Yuuki N... 0    0

Well, this one kinda caught me by surprise. I would have thought Lilly Franky too controversial to keep referencing so often, but it neverthelesss keeps happening even after it's no longer running. ...

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kukun kun kut - 554 Super Mario no Snowboard Island 554 0    0

Another piece from Yuuki Nae no Ge-mu no Tsubo. The artwork features Mario on a snowboard, with blue shoes, probably intended as a design for snowboard boots, rather than his traditional brown ones....

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kukun kun kut - 554 Super Mario 64 no Honto no Sekai 554 0    0

For segments of "Yuuki Nae no Ge-mu no Tsubo",there is a section called "Game Side Story", where short stories with an accompanying ...

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kukun kun kut - 554 Yoshi's Reflection 554 0    0

Been a while since I popped a Yuuki Nae Game Side Story clip from kukun kun's videos. This one has Dr. Mario and Yoshi. And it looks kinda like Dr. Mario's gonna give Yoshi the "Sorry...

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kukun kun kut - Bomber-cram 0    0

It must be hard to study with that broken heart thought bubble over your image, huh? Original: 裕木奈江のGe-muの壺 1996年05月12日(日) Y...

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kukun kun kut - how do they breathe in there? 0    0

Not that often Ge-mu no Tsubo does a Zelda-based parody. Original: 裕木奈江のGe-muの壺 1996年05月26日(日) YouTube is telling me to tell...

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kukun kun kut - Princesses of the Round Table 0    0

I wonder if these other princeses are meant to be game characters? One must be pretty hungry considering that big slab of meat. Original: 裕木奈江...

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kukun kun kut - Not BS Ice Hockey 0    0

Went back and dug up a clip from what I guess would be an older kukun kun uplad now. I wonder what made these guys of Ice Hockey for Famicom? Original: ...

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kukun kun kut - Popeye Can Not Maths 0    0

Well, I ... was not expecting to see a Popeye sketch in one of these! if 5+2= 8.... well, I dread how the rest of that test will go. Will Spinach help here? Original:

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kukun kun kut - 554 A Captivating Fascination for Dr. Mario... 0    0

I probably mistranslated that title, but I figured it sounded something-ish enough to run with it. Anyway, Wario as a News Reporter... eh, whatever brings the money, I guess! Original: https://...

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kukun kun kut - Mario goes to the movies (but not his own mo... 0    0

So here's a bit closer to the original context of the Star Wars image, along with what else went with it. This seemingly one-off moment in Yuuki Nae's program shows the Mario characters in movie pa...

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kukun kun kut - 554 I just shot Luigi in the face 554 (and... 0    0

Jeez, and I thought the Lilly Franky Gekijou stuff was absurd... ORIGINAL: 裕木奈江のGe-muの壺 1996年10月13日(日) YouTube is telling ...

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kukun kun kut - Tatsumakisenpuu Trip 0    0

Not very common to see a Street Fighter parody in the Ge-mu no Tsubo broadcast, huh? Original: 裕木奈江のGe-muの壺 1996年10月27日(日) Y...

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kukun kun kut - the blastzone of the friendzone 0    0

I mean, it may not actually be Bomberman getting rejected, but it's kinda what it looks like, doesn't it? "Shirobom no BAKA!" Original:

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kukun kun kut - Peach's cake is a lie 0    0

The nose knows, I guess. I also clipped the segment with the Virtual Boy and the N64 shirt here. Original: 裕木奈江のGE MUの壺 1996年07月...

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