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Livestream Highlight - 1/13/2016 - Crude Doodle: Pikapoo 0    0

From my livestream of the "Chiku Drill" Pokemon game for Beena. I am a terrible artist. Therefore, this is terrible art. Aw, well.

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[NDS] Pokemon Dash Sample Version - Practice Mode 0    0

So, you guys spot this on Twitter? The Pokemon Dash demo got ROM dumped. Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with the game, so I had to go into Practice Mode first. It still didn't actually teach me...

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Demo (GBA) 0    0

Recorded for Hidden-Palace: If I was a human named Pikachu, I don't think I'd be wondering why I would turn into a Pikachu.

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Sega Pico Music - Page 4 (Pokémon Hiragana Katakana Kakecha... 1    0

I think this is the last Pokemon music rip I will have for a while. Well, unless I start taking from the Beena games, that is.

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Sega Pico Music - Page 3 (Pokémon Hiragana Katakana Kakecha... 1    0

This is the page where one goes "If this is just a trick Team Rocket is pulling, how the heck did Legendaries get involved?"

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Sega Pico Music - Nurse Joy Minigame (Pokémon WaiWai Battle... 1    0

When I get the chance to properly run this game, I will check out how this plays. It looks like it's very similar to the Pikachu minigame in Hiragana Katakana Kakechatta.

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Sega Pico Music - ??? Minigame (Pokemon Waiwai Battle) 1    0

I will fill in the title later when I played the game more and understand better what is going on here.

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Sega Pico Music - Character Select (Pokémon WaiWai Battle) 1    0

Ah, here's one of those screens I can't get past without the special controller. Hopefully that will be fixed soon.

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Sega Pico Music - Page 4 (Pokémon WaiWai Battle) 1    0

Ahh, the mysterious Black Haired Brock. How did he come to be? Perhaps he ate one too many donuts- er, I mean, rice balls. Or maybe a Nurse Joy pulled a prank on him...?

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Sega Pico Music - Page 2 (Pokémon WaiWai Battle) 1    0

Both Page 2s in the Pokemon Advance games are pretty water themed... but don't seem to have much else in common there.

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Sega Pico Music - Page 5 (Pokémon Hiragana Katakana Kakecha... 1    0

So, here's another example of two tracks that sound similar between versions. There are more, but they are a bit harder to rip. If I can just get the Rayquaza minigame music...!

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Sega Pico Music - Page 3 (Pokémon WaiWai Battle) 1    0

Oh hey, actually putting things up on a Sunday... actually, it's because I expect to not be around Tuesday, so...!

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Sega Pico Music - Page 1 (Pokémon Hiragana Katakana Kakecha... 1    0

It is actually kinda difficult to rip many of the tracks from this Pokemon kana game, because of the amount of voiceover clips. There is one trick you can do in Kega Fusion, though - turn the page, th...

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