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Designated Driving Ruined My Weekend 0    0

Here are the main reasons I hate designated driving. Thanks for the great support you've all shown on my last few videos, love each and every one of you! (Except Zach) *Also I have really bad aller...

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Android vs iPhone 0    0

It has to stop. ===================================================== Social Media: ‣ Twitter: ‣ Snapchat: Colecperrine ‣ Instagram: https://instagram.c...

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Ultimate Guide to Being a YouTuber 0    0

Quick and easy tutorial on how to be a YouTuber. This is a new style so go easy on me. ===================================================== Social Media: ‣ Twitter:

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Fuggedaboutit 0    0

(For entertainment purposes only not to offend anyone) An important part of New York City culture Thanks for the support...hit the like button and share this video and subscribe if you haven't and e...

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Mike Tyson (A Hell of a Fella) 0    0

"Iron" Mike Tyson was a wild boy! well known for his speed and accuracy, as well as his Peek-a-Boo defense style. By 1984, he had seized the World Boxing Association ...

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Off With The King's Head (Jordan vs James) 0    0

Sub to my gaming Channel appreciate the love The self proclaimed King says he's now also The GOAT now as well WOW! I can make 10 more of thes...

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Michael Jordan will Always Be The Greatest of All Time (Jord... 0    0

Listen man...The Jordan Lebron Debate is over!!!!!!!!! I can make 5 more of these videos to prove my case if I had too but let just drop it for good Lebron is not even better than Kobe let alone Mike ...

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Kat and I are the new food reviewers in town, and today we sample the KFC $5 fill up box. Leave a like for professionalism. Kat's Channel: ‣

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I LOVE THIS GAME - GMOD Deathrun w/ MKOR 0    0

MKOR and I played some death run and GARRYSMOD IS SO FUN I LOVE THIS GAME MKOR's Channel: ‣ ===================================================== Social Media: ...

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NoPhone ZERO: Unboxing/First Impressions! 0    0

The NoPhone has become my favorite cell phone over the past month and a half, and now its successor, the NoPhone ZERO has arrived and I am in love all over again! Purchase your own below. Pre-Order...

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Back to the Future Day! 0    0

Tiny video I thought would be fun to put together, for those who haven't seen Back to the Future, the Google Play link is below to rent for $2.99 (SD) and $3.99 (HD) and watch right now. Happy BTTF da...

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Indestructible?! - NoPhone Drop, Smash, & Murder Test 0    0

We put our NoPhone to the test! Can it stand up to the every day trials and tribulations of being a phone? We'll see! ===================================================== Social Media: ‣ Twi...

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Unboxing the NoPhone w/ Selfie Upgrade 0    0

DROP TEST: ‣ Reviewing the new flagship NoPhone Selfie. If you would like one yourself, it costs $18 and can be found at! =================...

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Dipping Our 'Nads For Science 1    0

We did it so you don't have to. The boys and I took the TikTok trend to the testing grounds and tried to taste a random set of mystery liquids through our testes. The results may shock you!!1!11! B...

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Welcome to Enchantress, the game were we play as an orphan running away from our caretaker. This video is a full gameplay ending and playthrough of Enchantress. Enchantress is a new indie horror game ...

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