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sm31916242 - スーパーファミコン 「THIS IS XBAND~... 0    0

Original NicoNico URL: A Japanese Xband promotional video, for the Super Famicom version. Has some footage of Super Street Fighter II, Fire Pro Wrestling X...

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[セガサターン] Blazing Tornado (Tech サターン通�... 0    0

A demo of Saturn port of the Fire Pro Wrestling-based arcade fighter. There's only two characters, unfortunately.

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[セガサターン] フレイムトルネード 体験版 |... 0    0

Another demo of the arcade port of the wrestling game by Human. While similar to the one in Tech Saturn Tsushin Volume 2, this is a good bit more fleshed out, because you can play as the game's ent...

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Super Fire Pro Wrestling (BS) | スーパーファイヤー�... 1    0

I've decided to pad out my Satellaview video recordings with ROMs released on Satellablog that I didn't record video of yet! Although in most cases I did this because the games were basically ident...

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