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IGP CVARREST — Kung-Flu Inventors ARRESTED 0    0

Harvard Professor was arrested back in January. Nobody said shit about him since, or WTF he was doing in Woo-Han, and what "biological materials" he smuggled into Chi...

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IGP UNBRCORR - Ukraine U1 Unbridled Corruption 0    0

Barry Soetoro had ordered the massacre of over 100 innocent people in Ukraine; U1, Chinese spies, Contract Murders, TRILLIONS stolen, pay to Hunter..... This only the needle BEFORE it scratches the su...

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Sovereign Citizen - Failed and Jailed #12 0    0

Sovereign Citizens are becoming one of the top concerns for law enforcement and the FBI. Welcome to Failed and Jailed 12. This episode includes a traffic stop where the driver refuses a search afte...

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