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IGP10 124 Creepy Joe tries and fails to be the New America... 1    0

The "unification" factor in this Gidrul's speech proves two things: #1: He just ASSURED a Demon-rat defeat in every election henceforth - even if they rig the mach...

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BREAKING: Project Veritas Obtains Never-Before-Seen Images I... 0    0

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IGP5 00192 — Last Resort when all else fails 0    0

Just because the take-down of the Cabal didn't happen precisely as many of us, looking at the available Intel postulated was what was going to happen, doesn't mean we LOST. I'll tell you what the &...

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IGP5 00186 — PAIN is coming 0    0

Two days from today, America will witness the biggest criminal take-down in human history. If this FAILs, Janice Joplin said it best: "... freedom's just another word for nuthin' left...

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1.17.21 Patriot Streetfighter FLASH UPDATE: CRITICAL INTEL D... 0    0

Intel came that needs disseminated to EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Patriots MUST NOT interfere in military ops. Stand down and let Soldiers deliver the pain. It's GO TIME. MEDIA REQUESTS 0NLY - ALL OTHER EMA...

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IGP4 00167 — Violent Revolution is Inevitable 0    0

All of the developments this week are overwhelming, so I'll cover what others are NOT covering, and give you a synopsis to assure you that the Deep-State plan has FAILed, and the Coup de' Gras is abou...

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IGP3 00139 — America Prepares for UN Chink Invasion 0    0

See Over the past few days, some of you have no doubt been hearing about US Warships patrolling East and West coasts, and of massive troo...

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IGP3 00129 — WTF have I been telling you? 0    0

Please support this channel http://PayPal. me/Net4TruthUS A MUST WATCH VIDEO! .... This Post Election Update is to keep American Patriots informed of the epic and unfolding events as the Deep Sta...

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IGP3 00089 — Stephanie Jackson Technical Problems 1    0

My conversation with Stephanie went very well, but the call Recorder App FAILed to record HER side of the conversation; probably because I was using a Bluetooth headset. My bad. We will re-do this soo...

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IGP2 000DWD — Do you wanna' know a secret 0    0

There is (to some) a secret lurking in the subconscious realm of logic, that FAILs to be articulated because the conscious mind deems it to be too terrible to possibly be true. But it IS TRUE.

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Livestream - Restream is failing to update the status, isn't... 0    0

This is from my livestream, which I do on YouTube, Hitbox, Twitch, and various other streaming services through .

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SAH! Saifuddin Nasution Saman Zuraida Kamaruddin? 0    0

Setiausaha Agung Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail memFAILkan saman terhadap bekas Naib Presiden parti itu, Zuraida Kamarudin kerana membuat tuduhan terhadapnya. S...

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TERBONGKAR! Ini Punca Sebenar Aktivis Tarik Balik Rayuan Pem... 0    0

Seorang aktivis politik Muhsin Abdul Latheef hari ini memFAILkan notis penarikan balik rayuan Mahkamah Rayuan untuk menyemak semula keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi membebaskan bekas Menteri Kewangan Lim Gua...

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KECOH! Pihak AGC Failkan Rayuan Untuk Tambah Tempoh Hųkuman... 0    0

Pihak pendakwaan memFAILkan rayuan untuk menambah tempoh hukųman pe̩njara 12 tahun dan jumlah denda RM210 juta dikenakan terhadap bekas perdana menteri Najib Razak yang melibatkan RM42 juta dana SRC...

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