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Livestream Highlight - 10/27/2015 - Popped the shop 0    0

From when checking SegaSonic Popcorn Shop for the first time. After a lot of experimenting I finally found the closest thing the game has to an actual fail state.

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Livestream Highlight - 9/25/2015 - Sonic says 554 a police ... 0    0

From when "Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car" was freshly ROM dumped. Sonic's prior references to and interactions with police became a lot funnier in light of this.

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Sega Shinsaku Game Shokai Video VOL. 7 - Early Sonic 1 foota... 0    0

Clipped from the original YouTube upload by wadelyjp; This is making big waves in the Sonic preservationist scene so I thought I'd spread the word. This...

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RAGE 2012 - 554 SONIC SUPER HIGH WINTER ADVENTURES 554 0    0 The things I record.. Skip to around 0:07 or so to avoid the screamer, just warning in advance. I'll just say that I wasn't e...

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SegaSonic Popcorn Shop music - 3 - Conveyor Chase 0    0

All of these tracks were, like the Sonic Patrol Car tracks, ripped from the sound test in the service menu. This track is the one that plays while Sonic is chased by pretty little Ballerina Eggman.

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SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter music rip - 4: Boss part 2 0    0

Used for the game's second and final boss, Eggman in a... green... space alien-esque... mecha... thing. Mechalien? Got a nice ring to it. Again, this is based on Eggman's theme from SegaSonic the H...

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SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter music rip - 2: Boss part 1 0    0

This is the song that plays when Eggman attacks you with just his capsule. Honestly, probably the best song in the soundtrack. It sounds more like it'd fit a final boss or a tense escape, though.

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セガソニックコスモファイター 1つ星 | SegaSon... 0    0

Unlike Sonic Patrol Car, where you have to drive badly intentionally to get a 1-star, in Cosmo Fighter you can get a 1-star by simply not inputting. I suppose technically that means the difficulty was...

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セガソニックコスモファイター 5つ星 | SegaSo... 0    0

Just like in Sonic Patrol Car, the key is to use your speedup option. In this case, when you use it, Eggman appears, and you can whallop him for what I presume is extra points. It doesn't even matter...

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SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter - You're Too Slow Mode 0    0

This is not a slow computer setup or anything - If you simply press what is mapped to "P1 Start" on MAME, this will happen. (This button is not normally used in game...

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[セガサターン] ソニックR 体験版 | Sonic R Trial... 0    0

The Japanese demo version of Sonic R. (Listed in redump as "Sonic R (Japan) (Demo)") You have access to the default character selection and then you go straight to...

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A Quick Look At 554 Tails and the Music Maker 554 Prototyp... 1    0 This video shows some recording of me looking at the various prototypes of "Tails and the Music Maker" that were released by the Hidd...

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[MAME] Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Handheld) 1    0

I got a bit confused on whether to try this one because there's quite a few Sonic the Hedgehog Tiger Handhelds, but I think at least seeing it on MAME is a new thing. This game feels like it requir...

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[PICO] ピーターパン ネバーランドへ いこう | ... 1    0

Yet more Japan-exclusive Disney fare. This Pico game follows the narrative of the Peter Pan movie. It's kinda got a small amount of minigames in comparison to the norm, but at least one of them is ...

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