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Sega Pico Music - Main Theme (Do-Re-Mi-Fa Donuts) 1    0

I normally don't go from recording a game to ripping it's music like this this fast... but I kinda wanted to ride a gravy train while it's hot, y'know?

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Sega Pico Music - Bento/Fireworks/Christmas Tree (Do-Re-Mi-F... 1    0

I would have made a more elegant sounding title, but I read complaints about how SNESMusic had handled that recently, so...

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Sega Pico Music - Stamps / 4-Koma (Do-Re-Mi-Fa Donuts) 1    0

It just clicked on me that there is another Donuts game on Pico that is ROM dumped. I may have to examine it and check if the music is similar...

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Sega Pico Music - Autumn Tree (Do-Re-Mi-Fa Donuts) 1    0

This particular shot makes me wonder, aren't the characters in this game mis-sized compared to the ones in the actual show?

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[PICO] NHKおかあさんといっしょ ドレミファど�... 1    0

It kinda nearly slipped my mind that there was a second Do-Re-Mi-Fa Do~nuts Pico game. Oops. Actually, technically this may be considered the first one. Or "The Bandai-made one&am...

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[PICO] NHKおかあさんといっしょ ドレミファど�... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! A bit of a different take on the Oekaki game. Art doesn't cross over between pages. Instead, you have multiple different kinds of customize-ab...

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