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[PICO] A look at 554 Pepe's Puzzles 554 localization proto... 1    0

Timestamp navigation: ( 00:00 ) ペンギンうきうき びっくりすいぞくかん めいろ・パズル in process of being converted to US version, "Pepe's Puzzles&amp...

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[PICO] A look at 554 Mickey's Blast into the Past 554 prot... 1    0

This is an old batch of prototype releases from the Hidden-Palace community. Been a while since I had anything like it up! There were multiple Protos of "Mickey's Blast into the Pa...

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[PICO] ドレミファアニマルズの たのしいえん�... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! This seems to be the Japanese version of "Musical Zoo". I really hope the content isn't as small as it seems...

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[PICO] ペンギンうきうき びっくりすいぞくか�... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! The Japanese version of "Pepe's Puzzles". Running this on Kega Fusion is a bit of a pain on that last miniga...

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[PICO] スヌーピーのがくげいかい | 554 Snoopy no... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! I was feeling sick when I recorded this, so that one last minigame was realyl geting to me. Sorry for not recording the win condition. I'm pre...

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[PICO] プーさんのいちにち | 554 Pooh-san no Ichi N... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! Some more Disney, wooooo. This seems to have an emulation quirk specifically on the oekaki page.

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[PICO] 学研 アンパンマンと知能アップ!| 554 ... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! Emulation issues prevent one specific minigame from being played. I think the voice files are kinda screwy, too. Pretty weird.

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[PICO] さあしゅっぱつだ! ケンちゃんとペペの... 1    0

| "Saa, Shuppatsuda! Ken-chan to Pepe no Wanpaku Drive" for Pico Support Team-Europe! A Japanese Pico game designed for the Driv...

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