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IGP DIDUKNOW — A series of questions that you need to answ... 0    0

Here are links to help: Riots: https://youtu.b...

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Hollywood Whitewashing (2016) 0    0

Whitewashing is so stupid lmao. ===================================================== Social Media: ‣ Twitter: ‣ Instagram:

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Goofing Off - 2/20/16 0    0

Sean enlisted me to help him with his Eagle scout project and we ended up having a ton of fun. Enjoy! ===================================================== Social Media: ‣ Twitter: https://tw...

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MTV CRIBZ - Colecperrine (2016) 0    0

Welcome to my crib. I got a copyright claim on the sad piano music too so I ain't even making money from this video. Send help. ===================================================== Social Media...

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What does FAIR USE even mean??? (2016) 0    0

So what even IS fair use? And how can one abide by it? Fair use is very contextual, meaning it relies heavily on how a video is used. All is explained in this short video, hope you enjoyed! =======...

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Nut Allergies are the WORST 0    0

Having a nut allergy is literally the worst. Like for real, if you have one you're brave fam. ===================================================== Social Media: ‣ Twitter:

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Why I Quit Gaming (2016) 0    0

This is the reason I quit gaming. Honestly I am so much happier doing this kind of stuff, love you guys! ===================================================== Background Music: ‣ Divider by ...

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MY COOL NEW CAMERA (2016) 0    0

This is my beautiful new camera, enjoy! ===================================================== Social Media: ‣ Twitter: ‣ Instagram:

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University of Alabama Invitational - 2/4/16 0    0

Went down to an invitational event for the University of Alabama, figured I'd vlog it and just try a little new style for fun. ===================================================== Background Mu...

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Kids and Tech Do Not Belong Together (2016) 0    0

Sharing my thoughts on children and why they DON'T need technology so young as we're giving them in this day and age. ===================================================== Social Media: ‣ Twi...

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Rock Wall Climbing w/ Sean (2016) 0    0

Just some chillin that Sean and I did, tried a new vlog style and it came out really well! ===================================================== Background Music: ‣ Provided graciously by Br...

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YouTube Has Gone CRAZY™️ (2016) 1    0

It's unbelievable what's been going down this week, I am honestly scared for the safety of my channel. In case I do get deactivated, you will be able to find my other videos at the two pages below. (A...

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I HAVE CLONES??? (2015) 0    0

IS MORE THAN ONE Cole TOO MUCH FOR THIS WORLD TO TAKE??? HOW ABOUT FOUR????? I'm gonna be honest I'm still grounded and this is the only thing I can record. Hope you enjoy still, and sorry for tho...

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Seriously, it's ridiculous. ===================================================== Social Media: ‣ Twitter: ‣ Instagram:

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Designated Driving Ruined My Weekend 0    0

Here are the main reasons I hate designated driving. Thanks for the great support you've all shown on my last few videos, love each and every one of you! (Except Zach) *Also I have really bad aller...

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