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IGP CPSPREV — A Preview for CPS Abuse — Wil Kinesche 0    0

Before I post MY blockbuster video which will be a few days in the making, to pre-validate what I will be exposing, the following video will shock your soul. They will PAY for what they've done.

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IGP CPSVICTM — That's TWO calls today from victims 0    0

How many of these stories do you have to hear, and what amount of evidence will it take so that the public rests in the sufficiency of it, and realizes there is something VERY wrong here? Two calls in...

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IGP STATUNED — Stay tuned & Subscribe CPS Abuse 0    0

Tomorrow evening I will be doing a heart-wrenching expose' on CPS Kidnapping. Don't miss this one.

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IGP CASH4KIDS — Wil Kinesche Exposes CPS & Judges 0    0

We have teamed up with Wil Kniesche and several others to share information and content, with the mission of eradicating child trafficking. If you would like to join us, please contact me. Video us...

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IGP AQUITED — POTUS AQUITED — Percocet Pelosi Pissed 0    0

THIS round of bullshit is OVER. The Senate has acquitted the President of this impeachment witch-hunt. Get ready for MORE bullshit. Oven-Mitt Fashionista will be 2020 candidate. See https://you...

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IGP STUPORBS — StUpOr Bowl Sunday. Bread & Circuses 0    0

I call it "THE STUPOR BOWL", because you HAVE to be in a stupor to believe a GAME will have ANY impact on your life, unless you're playing the odds in 'Vegas. Why not...

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IGP PERCPELO — Percocet Pelosi to Resign 0    0

Satirical article claims Pelosi will resign if impeachment fails. We'll, it IS going to fail TODAY, so we will see if life follows comedy. See article & leave your comments https...

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IGP HISTISBS — History is Bullshit 0    0

ALL of history is bullshit. Everything you THINK is the truth from your youth is a fairy tale. We caught Google scrubbing CNBC article that says Epstein comitted suicide on JUNE 25, 2019 in a North...

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IGP CORONAVU — Corona Virus Update - Public Service 0    0

They're LYING about the Corona Virus, China on the brink of global travel ban. Citizens recalled tested positive upon arrival home. Videos used here: ...

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IGP 044 — Common Sense 1-2 Rudy Giuliani 1    0

Rudy Giuliani's "Common Sense" VLOG / Podcast episode 1 & 2. This content is re-posted on all my Social Media channels as a public's service to spread...

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IGP GOPAMB — Pam Bondi puts Biden out on Front Street 1    0

Pam Bondi lays out the Ukraine / Barisma Biden corruption scenario at the Senate impeachment hearings. Our thanks to Golden State Times See also

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IGP 043 — Fifty Shades of Horse-shit 0    0

A Creepy Joe campaign ad is the epitome' of pure-D, 1-A, FDA Certified horse shit. USAID Bill:

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IGP HB1627 — Free Speech Misdemeanor 0    0

Free speech criticizing DemonRats is now a crime in Virginia. Get the rope and the wood. Time to string up the traitors. See:

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IGP BEATTACK — Baghdad Embassy Missile Attack 0    0

The US Embassy in Baghdad was hit by a Kayusa missile allegedly fired by Iran. Iran is looking to be the next Hiroshima. Pray for the children.

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IGP CYBERTER — Cyber T33rorism 0    0

YouTube Lawsuit videos Get the movie "Network" (clip used in this video) YouTube Content Creators MUST SEE these videos / join us...

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