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IGP RGUPC7— Rudy Giuliani Podcast Part 7 Steve Bannon Inte... 0    0

Playlist {podcast & related videos}: Part 1 & Part 2: Part 3:...

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IGP DSVIRUS - Deep State is source of Pandemics 0    0

Irrefutable proof that Global Pandemics are the tool of choice to control the masses. #PureEvil Video used here Subscribe to Helen of Destroy

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IGP 045 — The Road to Gitmo - Barry and Ukraine Massacre 0    0

Just when you thought.... well, think again! You may be tempted to go duck-hunting after you see this. Video used here: Subscribe to Annette Cividan...

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IGP WEFOUGHT — My father & I fought for this country 0    0

If you Libtard traitors think you're going to continue your treason, and bleeding this country dry, and trampling on our God-given rights, you're looking at that long Geosmin-filled respite before you...

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IGP 350MQUAR — 350 Million quarantined in China 0    0

Corona Virus is a bio-weapon patented by Bill Gates. Trump set to win 2020 in a landslide. All attempts to take him out have failed. If global economy can be sabotaged, they can blame it on Trump, and...

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IGP NOCOVRUP — No Cover up of Biden Corruption 0    0

Ukraine files charges against Creepy-Feely Uncle Joe. There is no escape. Article used here: Rudy G...

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IGP SHTZ&GIG — Just for Shitz and giggles 1    0

A collage of clips in no particular order, followed by some great music provided by The Parody Project. Subscribe to The Parody Project ...

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IGP RGUPC6— Rudy Giuliani Podcast Part 6 Proof of Bribery ... 0    0

Part 1 & Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5:

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IGP POKA-BOT — Pocahontas is an AI robot 0    0

You will not believe this. Pocahontas in two separate news interviews, says the exact-same words. Operation Mockingbird programming MK-ULTRA beyond a shadow of a doubt. Thanks to Dan Bongino video:...

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IGP DSDOOMED — The Deep State is Doomed 0    0

Even with Deep State actors STILL in place, and the voting machines rigged, and illegals voting, Trump has more people using Porta-potties OUTSIDE at his rallies, than all the DemonRats can get to att...

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IGP VVEF&F — Vincent Vendetta on Fast & Furious 0    0

Vincent Vendetta, in one of his more subdued epic videos, talks about the Declas of Fast & Furious. Subscribe to Vincent Vendetta

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IGP AZCPSKNW — CPS Arizona Kidnap with No Warrant 0    0

Now that there is overwhelming evidence to prove beyond ANY doubt, that CPS is a child trafficking enterprise, WTF are we going to do about it?

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IGP WHOSQ — Who is Q.... Nunya 0    0

The media finally had the balls to ask the Q-uestion. The answer was classic Trump.

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IGP JUSIBOI — Jussie indicted in Chicago 0    0

What kind of IDIOT do you have to be to convince yourself that people would believe such a preposterous bullshit story?

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IGP FINDRTF — Truth Factory report on The Finders 0    0

Always brilliant reporting, Subscribe to the Truth Factory See original video used here for links referenced. Give it a

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