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Dokapon Oukoku IV (BS) | 決戦!ドカポン王国IV 〜�... 1    0

Kessen! Dokapon Oukoku IV - Densetsu no Yuusha-tachi was put up for download on Satellablog on 12/9/2011:

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BS Fire Emblem BGM Samples 1    0

This is alleged to be (and likely is) BGM arrange music played on the broadcasts of "BS Fire Emblem". It was originally uploaded on NicoNicoDouga, but it seems the...

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Super Nazo Puyo 2 (BS) | すーぱーなぞぷよ通 for Sat... 1    0

Recording this again. This time, however, the video's got everything I can access! This essentially replaces the old video in terms of usefulness. It even runs at the proper speed! More to come ...

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