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Dezaemon SFC Save: BS-X Shooting Converted from ROM to SRAM ... 0    0

This one may require a bit of a different description from the norm; this is a conversion of the recent "BS-X Shooting" dump to an SRAM file you can load and edit wit...

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Kirby no Omachahako - Pinball (Bad recording) 1    0

This little Kirby minigame has finally been ROM dumped; I've tried to record myself playing it for the folks here, but my webcam ...

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Releasing the BS Ihatovo Monogatari Dai-2-wa ROM (PLUS BS Ze... 1    0

BS Ihatovo episode 2 ROM dump by sanmaiwashi: (rename to .sfc or .bs if necessary) BONUS: Conn's hack to enable the BS Zelda: I...

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BS Zelda - Dai-4-wa from blank slate - Map 2 - Mottzilla Pat... 1    0

As a bit of an experiment, I wanted to try beating BS Zelda starting from nothing on Week 4 and seeing if I could get through to the finish. I recorded this on my DVD recorder using the SFC Neo Myt...

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Panel De Pon Event '98 | パネルでポン イベント'9... 1    0

I've decided to pad out my Satellaview video recordings with ROMs released on Satellablog that I didn't record video of yet! Although in most cases I did this because the games were basically ident...

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KONAEちゃんのドキドキペンギン家族 - Konae-cha... 1    0

As opposed to my previous upload, this one has an entire playthrough for Konae-chan no DokiDoki Pengin Kazoku. In under 11 minutes. Yeah, the game's short.

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DEZAEMON BSX VERSION - BS-X Shooting gameplay (Satellaview) 1    0

EDIT: Dezaemon BS Ban - BS-X Shooting was put up for download on Satellablog on 11/04/2011: This Dezaemon engine shmup is a...

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BS Zelda Music remastered by FireBrandX (Satellaview) 1    0

My desktop hasn't been working for a while, so I haven't been able to upload much. Here's a bit of something as an apology; FireBrandX, over at the BS Zelda forums, did these "rema...

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Puyo Puyo Tsuu BS Ban | ぷよぷよ通BS版 (Satellavie... 1    0

A newly-discovered Satellaview download, this appears to be a unique demo of Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu. You're restricted in quite a lot of options, but can still play a fairly tradition Arle vs. Satan ...

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Dr. Mario BS Ban has Tetris inside! | Dr.マリオB�... 1    0 "Nintendo re-released the standalone Dr. Mario game in Nintendo Power and BS-X variants. Only difference being Nintendo removed the B button co...

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Releasing the BS SimCity ROM 1    0

I guess since I just hit the 25 million view milestone this video can also work as the 25million view video. Relevant links: Satellablog site, which seriously needs an update: http://superfamicom....

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Bokujo Monogatari | 牧場物語 (BS) - Satellaview Download... 1    0

More info to appear on Satellablog... well, a while ago by now. Sorry, I really need to update these... ...

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カービィのおもちゃ箱 星くずし - Kirby no Oma... 1    0

Footage from the Satellaview download. A peculiar take on a Breakout/Arkanoid-esque minigame. Source is a ROM.

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Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero | 改造町人シュビビ�... 1    0

Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero was put up for download on Satellablog on 1/2/2011: This is a...

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