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Livestream Highlight - 1/5/2014 - Of COURSE the worst game b... 0    0

From when I played the unreleased localization prototype of "Armored Police Metal Jack".

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(Bad emulation warning!) [セガサターン] 峠キング �... 0    0

A demo of the racing/driving game by Atlus. This demo of Touge King the Spirits 2 seems pretty robust. It may have three courses, all those cars, and the equipment options. Unfortunately on Kronos ...

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[セガサターン] 怒首領蜂, | Dodonpachi (Tech Saturn... 1    0

The Sega Saturn demo of Dodonpachi. Like the Playstation demo in Famitsu Wave, it shows off the first stage of the game.

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Metal Jack (USA Prototype) SNES - Ken Striker playthrough 1    0

Update March 1st: I'd like to add that the person who's released this prototype wants me to plug a new website! Check it out! So, this previously-unreleased (in the US, a...

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