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IGP3 00086 — Dum-de-dum-dum DUMBs 0    0

An article written several months ago, gives details on DUMBS we reported on several times over the years. It is, unfortunately, all heartbreakingly true. DUMBS around the planet https://m.beforei...

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Steve Brannon & Rudy Giuliani EP 443 & 444 link in t... 0    0

We Are 100% Viewer Funded so if You can Help Support Us And all Our Intel & hard work PLEASE Use OUR PAYPAL "Its All We Have Left...

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IGP3 00079 — More than 100 Hard Drives of US Pols 0    0

And you wonder why they want Trump out? BOMBSHELLS Biden

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IGP3 00069 Rudy on Cr33py Jo3 U-Crane and Chy-nahh Repost 0    0

This video is re-posted as a Public Service Published on Oct 14, 2020 In this special edition of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani discusses the emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s hard drive which ...

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Premiered Sep 16, 2020 Updated Oct 12, 2020 LINKS TO PATRIOT CHANNELS PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO ALL TOOLS NEEDED to DOWNLOAD, EDIT, and CLONE YouTube Downloader Downloader for Android Search and ...

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IGP3 00059 — POTUS Calls for REPEAL of CDA Section 42USC s... 0    0

TOLD YA! Social Media CEOs get ready to be taken to the woodshed. Forbes article:

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IGP3 00054 — October Surprise 2020 0    0

Well, the October Surprise has arrived just as our Congressionally Discommodated Anon predicted. Most of those of us who are on THIS side of the battle between good & evil, don't even...

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IGP2 00037 — Burn the whole fizzukin' thing down 0    0

The DemonRats have already lost 2020, and they know it. Their attempt to "burn it {America} down" will result in their annihilation.

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RIDING THE DRAGON: The Bidens' Chinese Secrets (Full Documen... 0    0

Uncover the secret world of Joe Biden and his family's relationship to China and the sinister business deals that enriched them at America's expense. © 2020 Lightspeed Pic...

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554 It's getting REALLY serious, worse than I thought 554 0    0

1,000,000 WILL WATCH THIS - It's getting REALLY serious Subscribe: Find more content:

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IGP2 00020 — Zero Day Patriot Response 0    0

The DemonRats LOST the 2020 Presidential Election. Patriots already won. Celebrate with us in a modern rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. I'm sorry, I do not know or recognize the artist.

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NOTICE TO ALPHABET / GOOGLE / YOUTUBE You are in violation of The Communications Decency Act Title 230, and Presidential Executive Order of 5/28/2020. You are also in violation of Title 18 USC §24...

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IGP 2 — 00001 — Techno Nazis Strike Again #Inglorious Pa... 0    0

Inglorious Patriots channel and Net4TruthUSA2 Patriot Channel have been summarily deleted by the Techno-Nazis at Google. T-shirt no masks or shots WWG1WGA

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