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The Legacy media has betrayed us. POTUS should replace the Press Corps with us, and FCC should revoke MSM's broadcast licenses. Get your Corona quarantine T-shirt

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Rupanya ini Sebabnya Agong & Permaisuri Berkenan Tak Ter... 0    0

Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah dan Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah berkenan supaya kerajaan tidak membayar Emolumen Diraja kepada Seri Paduka berdua selama ena...

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an Warhammer 40k Tribute 0    0

song : bonhes raging on a Sunday all images and music belongs to their respective owners i own nothing #warhammer40k

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Warhammer 40k lion heresy Bjorn the Fel Handed Tribute 0    0

song : chain breaker brothers of metal all images and music belongs to their respective owners i own nothing #warhammer40k

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IGP BoycotFox – It's time to boycott Fox Business 1    0

Fox just fired Trish Regan for outing the Clown-controlled MSM for their propaganda bullshit on the COVID-19 Foxtrot, which was ENGINEERED by the Deep-State. In THIS video:

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kukun kun kut - Jeff Hansen Takes On the Super Mario Club Ch... 0    0

Welp, kukun kun done it. He uploaded something NWC-related. There's been some uploads of this match on YouTube before, but those prior ones were home recordings - this is how it broadcast on Japane...

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kukun kun kut - Internet, lol, internet (footage of segaoa.c... 0    0

From kukun kun's uploads: The Game Catalog 2 crew go to, uh... an Epson building? And... decide to use their internet to go to for... some reason? I don't really understand much of why o...

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kukun kun kut - Downloading movies at the speed of dial-up. 0    0

Some more Game Catalog internet adventures uploaded by kukun kun. There's some more of in this one, and also and! More interestingly, though, is that y...

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kukun kun kut - Mary and Lola confirmed most obscure Mario c... 0    0

One of the more baffling running gags in BS Super Mario USA. The Commander is apparently quite the player - multiple girls trying to call him interrupt Mario's quest. "Mary&a...

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kukun kun kut - 554 Back to the 85 554 0    0

a segment from the first episode of BS Super Mario Collection seemingly laser-focused on 80's nostalgia. Unfortunately said segment also got hit by some ContentID claims pretty hard, so... (In par...

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kukun kun kut - the BS Zelda Beta 0    0

Just when I had given up on the idea, kukun kun threw this curveball. Take a look at this. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS. All those old Famitsu scans. THEY ARE IN MOTION NOW. That Blue-colored HUD, and th...

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The worst kukun kun kut. 0    0

"Oh fa Q, Kiddo!" I could had made this longer - there's a good amount of Satella-Q footage to go around, but I think the point is more than well made with just tw...

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kukun kun kut - Satellaview at Space World 95 0    0

And over here, we have a set of Satellaview previews! It includes SD Gundam G-Next, Derby Stallion 96, RPG Tsukuru 2 and SameGame - four of the 8M-compatible SFC retail carts. It seems Undake30 SameG...

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kukun kun kut - Mario 64 Beta at Space World 95 0    0

oohhhh yeah, we got a good one here. kukun kun's latest Game Catalogue 2 episode upload has what seems to be some (new?) early Super Mario 64 footage. Original:

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kukun kun kut - 554 Zero 554 referred to the budget for th... 0    0

(EDIT: Before anyone asks, yeah, that "Super Pro Commander" thing is the Playstation version, and as such I am just as confused as you are, because up until this poin...

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kukun kun kut - The Win95 Sega PC Ports on actual Windows 95... 0    0

I mostly clipped this one because I didn't actually expect to see it. May be useful for all you Sega buffs. The Game Catalogue 2 Famitsu crew play some of the Sega PC Line on Windows 95. The major fo...

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kukun kun kut - Demonstrating what a Guitar Zero they actua... 0    0

And in this clip, we have old expensive PC accessories from back in the day. The most notable one here is probably "The Virtual Guitar", the accessory used for &a...

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kukun kun kut - Yes, this is an actual Nintendo thing. 0    0

Yeah, a "slow day" upload. I'm not entirely sure what I can explain on this. But it's here. There is something I'm sure you'll find in this video that I am intenti...

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